We invest in early-stage companies and support them throughout their growth

We invest in early-stage companies and support them throughout their growth

About Us

Hamatha was formed to make angel investing accessible and enjoyable for our members and to form positive working relationships with the entrepreneurs we invest in.

The origin of the word "Hamatha" is a portmanteau of family names, e.g. "tha" is part of "Thai".

Our members consists of angels investors with expertise in various industries - including financial services, healthcare, technology, and data analytics - as management consultants or industry professionals.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

We are always on the lookout for driven talented entrepreneurs working on amazing ideas that will help push their customers forward to new heights.

We look for companies that:

  1. are based in the United States
  2. target a large and growing market
  3. solve a problem for an underserved customer segment
  4. operate an understandable business model with some pricing strength
  5. consist of a passionate and reliable core team with complementary skills and experience
  6. develop unique assets, such as disruptive technology or exclusive revenue streams
  7. offer reasonable deal terms
  8. have a reasonable path forward and exit strategy

While we are industry agnostic, there are certain types of companies that naturally fit us better, such as: B2B and B2B2C software companies; and data heavy companies leveraging AI and ML.

For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs

We consider ourselves value-added investors and offer much more than just a financial investment. For the companies we invest in, we leverage our members' connections and experience built over decades of work as industry leaders.

We are able to be active advisors and can assist in areas such as:

  • making introductions to key industry leaders
  • connecting with other active investors and investment groups
  • reviewing strategic and operational plans
  • identifying key hires

We try to make our process simple and straight forward.

  1. Connect with us and schedule a time to talk to the team
  2. Submit an investor packet
  3. Present to our members - scheduled in the evenings and is virtual
  4. Submit a due diligence packet
  5. Members make individual investment decisions. If there is enough interest, the captial is pooled together and a single investment is made

Reach out to one of our team members to get started.

For Investors

For Investors

We operate Hamatha using an angel investment syndicate model - investment decisions are made on an individual basis. You are not required to invest in any particular deal. We do not charge a membership fee.

Our meetings are all virtual. When there are investment presentations, they are typically held on Wednesday evenings and recorded for those who are unable to attend. The presentation and subsequent Q&A lasts about an hour.

A members only discussion is held on the Saturday morning following a presentation. Those discussions are not recorded. If there are additional questions after the presentation or discussion, we connect with the entrepreneurs and schedule additional Q&A sessions if needed.

Once there is enough interest in a deal, a new SPV (special purpose vehicle) is formed to invest in that deal.

Our members are accredited investors and have an existing professional or personal relationship with one another. To join Hamatha, the best way is to connect with an existing member.


Tony Thai

Managing Member

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Tony is the Founder and CEO of a document visualization startup currently in stealth mode. His background is primarily in startup operations, product development, corporate training, data visualization, and data engineering. He was formerly: director at a health-tech startup focused on bringing healthcare organizations into digital interoperability; managing partner at a search fund, a type of private equity fund, focused on acquiring and operating middle market companies; and held senior consulting and engineering roles at Fortune 500 and startups software companies.

He received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business and BS in Information and Decision Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Kevin Cheung

Syndicate Lead

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Kevin is an ex-management consultant and an ex-CIO of two professional services firms. He has expertise in IT strategy and execution. He was previously a Principal in the Strategic IT practice at A.T. Kearney where he advised Fortune 500 IT leaders on topics including IT strategy, IT cost reduction, org design, vendor selection and lead large-scale IT-enabled business system transformations. Kevin has also served as the CIO of two professional firms, most recently at the Ankura Consulting Group, where he supported rapid 500%+ company growth, integrating multiple acquisitions and improving IT capabilities. Kevin has been investing in startups for many years and enjoys interacting with and helping founders.

He received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business and BSE in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University.

Caleb Stotz

MBA Associate

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Caleb is currently pursuing an MBA in his native city of Pittsburgh. He formerly worked in consulting at Economists Incorporated, where his research focused on market trends within the technology and energy sectors. Caleb is extremely excited for the opportunity to work with startups and learn from founders.

He is 2022 MBA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business and received his BA in Economics from Bates College.